A note about security and updates

Recently there was a vulnerability discovered in Electron. I have updated the Windows & Linux versions of MarkSearch to a version of Electron that includes a patch for this issue.

Unfortunately I ran in to some issues building the latest version of MarkSearch on MacOS, so if you need to use version 2017.2.24 of MarkSearch on MacOS, it is recommended that you do not add links manually from the MarkSearch search page or via the MarkSearch settings page and only add pages to MarkSearch via the chrome extension.

MarkSearch is a desktop bookmarking application. It allows you to save and search web pages.

The desktop application runs in the background while you use your browser to access the main MarkSearch search page. MarkSearch is supposed to work kinda like google in that you don’t need to use tags or categories, you just do a full text search.

You can save websites manually from the MarkSearch search page, or by using the browser extension to save a site.

The browser extension also has the ability to show your MarkSearch bookmarks on google search pages, so you can see results for you search terms from Google and MarkSearch at the same time.




To find this help page again, right-click the MarkSearch icon in the system tray (or left-click the MarkSearch icon in the menu bar if you’re on MacOS), then click on “Help”.

Note: if you need help with something that isn’t mentioned here, you can open a ticket here: https://github.com/Darkle/MarkSearch/issues